Health, Education, Accessibility.



Social Program Evaluation Group (2006). Project Acceso: Third Report Canada-El Salvador Technology Transfer Fund (TTF) and the Canadian International Development Agency.
A partnership between Canadian- and El Salvadoran-based consultants with project partners in both countries, Project Accesso works to support people with disabilities in a technical and community-based capacity. Some of the project’s activities are as follows: prosthetics are made available, wheelchairs are designed to accommodate use in rural El Salvador, community events organized and run to raise awareness about disability, community planning meetings for non-profits and non-governmental organizations, as well as school integration for students with disabilities. This report is a record of the project’s accomplishments from April to September 2006, as Project Acceso headed into its last few months. Efforts focused on ensuring the sustainability of their achievements and maintaining the momentum in El Salvador.

Employment Programs for Recipients of Social Assistance

Pazderka, B., King, A., Warren, W., & Abbott, M. (1986). Review of the literature related to the evaluation of employment programs for social assistance recipients. Ministry of Community and Social Services.

This review of the literature was commissioned by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Province of Ontario, and performed by the Social Program Evaluation Group, Queen’s University. Forty-one documents have been reviewed, principally program evaluations of monograph length, as well as some journal articles, unpublished papers, and government reports. Very few Canadian evaluations existed before this one; accordingly , the program evaluations reviewed in this report dealt with U.S. employment and training programs.